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Cottesmore School

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Cottesmore School

Cottesmore School

Address: Cottesmore School, Pease Pottage, West Sussex RH11 9AU
Founded: 1894
Number of Pupils: 175
Fees:Boarding: £9,095
Day: £5,991
Ages: 4-13
Head Teacher: Tom Rogerson
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Entrance Procedure: Prospective pupils are interviewed, if possible, by the headmaster and the past three terms’ school reports are requested.
The academic criteria for selection Cottesmore School are:
Satisfactory level of literacy and numeracy skills.
A positive recommendation from the Head of the applicant’s present school.
A satisfactory performance during the applicants’ visit (if possible).
Contact: Lottie Rogerson
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Four Open Mornings a year or private tour (organised through registrar)

The Curriculum

Cottesmore has an outstanding academic record and sends children to a large number of senior schools, including the best public schools in the country.  We are proud of our scholarship record and parents agree that the teaching and learning at Cottesmore is excellent.

Games & The Arts

Art is promoted as a major cultural feature and pupils are encouraged to work both independently and co-operatively.  We feel it is important that all pupils have equal access to art and experience success and enjoyment in their work, which is achieved by excellent teaching methods and resources.  At Cottesmore we provide an exceptionally wide range of sports. Major games for the boys are football, rugby, hockey and cricket. The girls play hockey, netball and rounders, with some Lacrosse. There is a full fixture list of matches each term for all of these, as well as for tennis, squash, athletics, swimming, judo, golf, cross country running, short tennis, basketball and shooting.

Pastoral Care

Our first duty when a child arrives at Cottesmore is to make him or her feel happy, secure and at ease in these new surroundings and to realise that school is an extension of home. To achieve this, we have a well-tried system of checks and balances so that children always have someone special they can talk to or confide in.

Recent Scholarships

Full academic to Downe House, full sports to Millfield, full music to Hurstpierpoint, academic and music exhibition to Charterhouse

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

‘Quisque pro ingenio’ is Cottesmore’s unofficial motto: ‘Everyone has a talent’. Cottesmore will find and nurture each child’s talent and help the individual grow strong in the light of his or her own success. Cottesmore is a school where children are taught to have faith in their own ability in a caring, confidence-inspiring environment.

Outstanding Characteristics

Cottesmore pupils are typically bright-eyed, confident without being arrogant, and academically driven. They are happy, confident children.

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