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Wychwood School

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Wychwood School

Picture by Clint Randall

Address: Wychwood School, 74 Banbury Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX2 6JR
Founded: 1897
Number of Pupils: 110
Ages: Girls 11-18 years
Fees: Day, £5,750 per term; weekly boarders, £8,800 per term; full boarders, £9,995 per term
Head Teacher: Andrea Johnson
Religious Affiliation: Christian heritage, all faiths welcome
Entrance Procedure: Own school entrance assessment, interview and school reports
Contact: Susan Boardman, Head of Admissions
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Open days as listed on school website and by appointment

The Curriculum

Pupils can choose from over 28 subjects at GCSE, A-level and BTEC courses. Sixth form also undertake EPQ qualification.

Games & the Arts

Wide ranging music and drama on offer and caters to each girl’s preferences and requests. Music is a key feature of the majority of school events and over half have extra music tuition. Sports clubs include traditional team sports; hockey, netball, rounders and more individual such as tennis, swimming and yoga.

Pastoral Care

Great responsibility has always been placed on pupils and our pastoral ethos. Indeed, pastoral care is at the core of Wychwood school with girls pastorally caring for each other as well as staff committed to their well-being. Wychwood pastoral care is natural, there is a genuine familial feel that is unique and warm. With strong vertical and horizontal mixing within the school, the support system never leaves a Wychwood girl.

University Places

86 per cent of students over the last five years went to their first-choice university. Awarded Princess Diana Award 2020. National Space Design Finalists, 2020.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

During her time here, we help each girl discover what it means to be happy, as this is the foundation upon which lifelong success is built. Girls finish their school days being able to deal effectively with the adult world into which they emerge, knowing that they will always be part of the Wychwood community.

Outstanding Characteristics

A current parent says: ‘Wychwood is an amazing school. It is caring, positive and very much about working with the individual. The staff work closely to bring out the best in every girl. If you’re after a school that genuinely cares for each child and looks after them as an individual, challenging them and finding their true potential – then you’ve found it.’

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