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Moulsford Preparatory School

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Moulsford Preparatory School

Address: Moulsford Preparatory School, Moulsford-on-Thames, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 9HR
Founded: 1961
Number of Pupils: 365
Ages: 4-13
Fees: Pre-prep – £3,955; Prep – £5,910; Boarding – £7,395
Headteacher: Ben Beardmore-Gray
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Entrance Proceedure: Reception at age 4+ – There is no selection process at this stage, and entry is on a first come, first served basis, with a waiting list based on date of registration; Year 3 at 7+:  For boys joining us in Year 3, there is a formal entrance assessment which takes place in the November prior to entry the following September, and we also request a comprehensive report from the boy’s current school; One further option, subject to available places, is for boys to join us in Year 7 at 11+, as either day boys or weekly boarders, for two years of senior school preparation. Spaces are occasionally available in other year groups.
Contact: Jill Morrin, Registrar
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Three open days per year in September, February and May. Visits may be arranged privately throughout the year

The Curriculum

A restructured curriculum was successfully introduced in September 2017, which moves away from the full set of Common Entrance exams. The focus is not only to prepare boys for senior schools, but also to ensure they have the skills for life beyond.

Games & the Arts

The Performing and Creative Arts are thriving at Moulsford with enormous success in music, drama, art and DT. Whilst we do believe it is important to play to win, at Moulsford we regard the teamwork, learning to win and lose, the development of self-esteem and social skills and fun as equally valuable.

Pastoral Care

Our aim to provide exceptional pastoral care permeates every aspect of life within the school.  Our core values of respect, compassion and independence are at the heart of all that we do.  Expectations are high, in terms of manners, discipline and general behaviour, and the boys respond accordingly. There is a strong rapport between staff and boys, and a sense of mutual respect which comes through working together in a supportive and caring environment.

Recent Scholarships

14 Scholarships in 2019 – Academic, Art, Drama, DT, Sport, Music

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

At Moulsford, the message is straightforward. We want our boys to receive the broadest possible education, while remembering that they will learn best when happy and settled. Our down-to-earth, family-focussed approach embraces the fact that boys of this age should be having fun at the same time as learning.

Outstanding Characteristics

  • Located on the banks of the River Thames, boys have the opportunity to kayak, sail and paddleboard
  • Flexi boarding gives boys the opportunity to try out the boarding experience before moving to senior school
  • Moulsford prides itself on sending boys to a wide variety of senior schools, finding the best possible option for each individual child and family. This year 48 boys are progressing to 13 schools: Eton, Radley, Marlborough, St Edward’s, Bradfield, Wellington and Stowe for the boarders, and Abingdon, Magdalen College School, Cokethorpe, Pangbourne, The Oratory and Shiplake for those moving to day schools
  • Outstanding extra-curricular programme on offer for all boys from Pre-Prep to Year 8
  • No Saturday school

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