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Maida Vale School

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Maida Vale School

Address: 18 Saltram Crescent, London W9 3HR
Founded: 2019
Number of Pupils: At max capacity, 600 students
Fees: Released in March 2020.
Ages: 11-18
Head Teacher: Mr Steven Winter
Religious Affiliation: All faiths welcome
Entrance Procedure: Entrance exam and relaxed interview
Contact: Registrar, Daniela Simpson: 020 3196 1860
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: By appointment or open event.

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The Curriculum

To provide a rich and broad education to all students whatever their specialism, pursuing excellence in all areas whether examinable or not. The basis of the timetable is six taught hours per day plus the extra-curricular programme which includes academic, non-academic and sports-based clubs.

Games & The Arts

Although academic rigour and excellent attainment is at the centre of our school, our students are highly creative, with a reputation for excellence in music and the performing, design and visual arts. Our dynamic PE Department ensures success at both regional and national level across rowing, athletics, tennis, table tennis, cross country and netball. We value the importance of inclusivity, opportunity and choice to ensure participation is maximised across all ability levels.

Pastoral Care

We aim to develop the feeling of a family and social hub giving emotional support and security to all students and employees. Each student receives individual attention both educationally and pastorally. Children and young adults thrive when their self-esteem is bolstered and confidence enables them to flourish. Our approach is holistic as we believe that there can be no artificial barriers between a student’s intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth. A number of staff are involved in the life of each student, but in particular, the Personal Tutor who meets their tutee on a daily basis, stays the same staff member throughout the student’s 7 years with us.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

We recognise and enhance the individual abilities of each child, welcoming students with varying academic profiles and placing emphasis on confidence, self-esteem and creativity. By operating a true ‘open door’ policy that welcomes parents and members of the wider community to become a part of school life, Maida Vale School has developed the feeling of a family and social hub that provides emotional support and security for all students and employees.

Outstanding Characteristics

Maida Vale School is modern and innovative yet reflect many of the traditions and values established by the Gardener Schools Group over twenty-five years. Whilst the school will use entrance exams to select its students, we will give equal weighting to interviews, achievement in all areas and school references. We believe that talent and potential should not be wasted.

Many senior schools remain firmly modelled on past independent and state grammar school models. Within the Gardener Schools Group, we have successfully shown that a modern approach can bring about change for the better. Adolescents now mature socially and emotionally at a younger age and an appropriate learning environment must reflect this. Our students must leave school as resilient, self-reliant young people who can problem solve creatively and understand group dynamics. These skills and values will equip our students for life in the 21st century.

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