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Hampton Court House

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Hampton Court House

Hampton Court House

Address: East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9BS
Founded: 2001
Number of Pupils: 250
Fees: Please check the website
Ages: 3–18
Head Teacher: Guy Holloway
Religious Affiliation: Non-demonational
Entrance Procedure: We are a selective school; entrance examination, and interview.
Contact: Rachel Bowles, Registrar 
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Every Wednesday. Contact Registrar for further details on visits, including open days.

The Curriculum

An outstanding curriculum (as described by Ofsted), with subject specialists at all levels. Very strong focus on maths, science and English. National recognition for teaching of French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Games & The Arts

Throughout the school, from age of 3 to 18, pupils have specialist teachers in sport, art, music, ballet, drama and film-making. Many scholarships are won in art and photography; numerous students are active in professional productions (West End theatre and film).

Pastoral Care

Our school environment is reflective and thoughtful; our first duty of care is to the long-term emotional development of each child, such that they develop a strong sense of self, and the capacity to form trust-filled relationships. Form tutors are key figures in a pupil’s life, but all members of staff are part of a circle of care around each child. Our reflective teachers set the tone for a listening culture which seeks to validate each child’s voice.

University Places

University of Warwick, University of Chicago, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

To create a kinder world by developing scholarly, cultured, reflective minds, alert to opportunity and informed about current affairs. Our school is not ‘rule-bound’ but rather concerns itself with the inner moral development of each child.

Outstanding Characteristics

–A scholarly environment, with high academic expectations and excellent results.

–Intellectual staff who are readers and are committed to continual professional development and learning.

–Considered an innovative school by the international and national press.
–Highly-regarded bilingual education in lower years and multilingual staff.

–Rich, intellectual, cultural environment (music, literature and art).

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