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Eaton Square Preparatory School

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Eaton Square Preparatory School

Eaton Square Preparatory School

Address: Eaton Square Preparatory School, 79 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PP
Founded: 1981
Number of Pupils: 400
Ages: 4–11
Head Teacher: Sebastian Hepher
Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational
Entrance Procedure: Registration can take place at any stage prior to the informal assessment which takes place at the age of three, the year prior to entry into reception.
Contact: Registrar Mrs Penelope Stitcher, +44 (0)20 7931 9469
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Please email [email protected] to arrange a visit.

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The Curriculum

Eaton Square School aims to provide an academic programme which will stimulate and encourage each pupil to reach their full potential in all areas of the curriculum.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and the course work for Common Entrance examinations at the age of 11. Subject coordinators, class teachers and subject specialists all work together from this core curriculum to build an exciting teaching programme which differentiates to accommodate the learning style and ability of each child.

Games & The Arts

PE at Eaton Square School ensures that all children are active and centres on children finding enjoyment in physical activity, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and good posture. Children are taught to develop a positive attitude in sport, where they learn fair play and sporting behaviour, and to learn to cope with both success and failure. The children are taught the need for safe practice in physical activities and how physical exercise affects the body. Above all, the children are encouraged to realise the importance of P.E. and to enjoy sport to such an extent that they wish to continue participation in physical activity long after they leave the school.

Eaton Square School strives to create a colourful and exciting environment through displays throughout the school that are both educational and visually challenging. ADT is a subject in which children can achieve their personal best and be proud of their work. Self-expression through employment of skilled techniques and tools is encouraged and supported, as is the use of their imagination.

Music is a valued and integral part of the curriculum at Eaton Square School and there are many opportunities for the children to perform and sing throughout the year. The school productions are a highlight of the school year and staff and pupils work together as a team to create enriching and rewarding theatrical experiences for every child.

Recent Scholarships

Academics scholarships to Alleyn’sDulwich CollegeFrancis Holland, Sloane SquareMore House and art scholarship to Roedean.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

‘Every child, every single child has the capacity to excel’. The pupils and my colleagues, together with the parents who are heavily involved, join together each day to ensure that the school provides an engaging, stimulating, caring and warm environment in which the individual is central.

Outstanding Characteristics

Eaton Square School offers a breadth and depth of education, which goes beyond academic success in examinations and into every sphere of life. Equal emphasis is placed on intellectual, artistic, aesthetic, physical and musical pursuits. In addition, we want children to learn moral and spiritual values that will make them happy and confident in themselves, without arrogance.

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