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Eaton Square Nursery Schools

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Eaton Square Nursery Schools

Eaton Square Pre-Prep

Address: Eaton Square Nursery Schools, 55-57 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PH
Founded: 1981
Number of Pupils: 30
Ages: 2–4
Head Teacher: Trish Watt
Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational
Entrance Procedure: Registration can take place at any stage prior to the informal assessment which takes place at the age of three years, the year prior to entry into Reception.
Contact: Registrar on 020 7225 3131
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Regular Open Mornings. Private tours or meetings with the Headmistress, head of Early Years and/or Principal can be arranged.

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The Curriculum

Within the context of carefully planned sessions of play based learning, the early years foundation stage curriculum allows the children to enjoy learning, make independent choices, develop their individual talents and to make friends and form relationships with those around them.

Games & The Arts

Regular park trips provide the children with a chance to run in the fresh air and develop physically. There is an opportunity to swim, enjoy ballet lessons and take part in our karate programme, which are offered in each of our nursery schools.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

‘Every child, every single child has the capacity to excel’. The pupils and my colleagues, together with the parents who are heavily involved, join together each day to ensure that the school provides an engaging, stimulating, caring and warm environment in which the individual is central.

Outstanding Characteristics

Eaton Square Nursery Schools are exceptional learning spaces that are entirely inspired by nature and the great outdoors. Calm, energizing and filled with opportunities to learn through play, these now iconic nursery schools even have an educational indoor treehouse and giant bee-hive! Each one nurtures children’s maths skills, fine motor skills, phonics and an understanding of both space and shape. Sharing the same historic building as Eaton Square’s Prep School, a smooth and natural transition into Reception is welcomed for those already looking ahead.

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