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Dulwich Prep London

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Dulwich Prep London

Dulwich Prep London
Address: 42 Alleyn Park (Years 1 – 8), 8 Gallery Road (Early Years), Dulwich, London SE21
Founded: 1885
Number of Pupils: 841
Ages: 3-13
Fees: (termly) Nursery and Reception, £4,760 (part-time; £2,860), Years 1 and 2, £5,485. Years 3 and 4, £6,220. Years 5 to 8, £6,965.
Head Teacher: Louise Davidson
Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational
Entrance Procedure: Selective and looks for children who will flourish and take advantage of their outstanding provision.
Contact: Viki Cryer, Registrar
Email: [email protected]; 020 8766 5525
School Visits: Private and small group tours are available throughout the academic year.

The Curriculum

An innovative and challenging curriculum that seeks to foster a growth mindset in all pupils. At Dulwich Prep London, we believe that there is no limit to a child’s potential.

Games & the Arts

We have 25 acres of open space, woodland, playing fields and a swimming pool. Over ten different sports played at every level are on offer. There are 32 different musical groups and ensembles and over 15 stage productions a year.

Pastoral Care

At Dulwich Prep London, pastoral care is the starting and endpoint of all we do. Our years of experience working with boys up to 13 years old ensure that we understand the unique physical, emotional, and developmental challenges they face. Every child is known and nurtured to form the necessary skills to equip them for their future. Our greatest success is measured by the character of our boys.

Recent Scholarships

2021 saw a record 75 scholarships awarded to top senior schools.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

Miss Davidson is passionate about boys learning holistically, building good character and developing meaningful skills for their future. She effectively strikes a balance between the school’s heritage and traditions with the need to consider what is new and best in education.

Outstanding Characteristics

Our unique educational philosophy has eight Values at the core, including love and is underpinned by twelve Excellent Learning Characteristics totalling 20 key attributes that we aim to instil in our children to help them navigate the world around them now and in the future. 

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