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Dorset House School

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Dorset House School

Address: The Manor, Church Lane, Bury, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1PB
Founded: 1784
Number of Pupils: Circa 150
Ages: 4 – 13
Fees: (termly) £3,105 (Reception) to £6,316 (Year 8)
Head Teacher: Matt Thomas M.Ed BA Ed (Hons) (Exeter) FRGS
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Entrance Procedure: Non-Selective – offers based on ‘taster days’ and school reports
Contact: Admissions Registrar, Sarah O’Brien
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Prospective parents are always welcome to make an appointment to visit and meet the Headmaster

The Curriculum

Academic rigour with focus on ‘skills for life’. Plenty of ‘micro opportunities’ are on offer which build children’s confidence. The new Year 7 & 8 curriculum ensures preparation for senior school and life beyond. 

Games & the Arts

Games taught by specialised staff throughout. Competitive matches weekly for all children. Ambitious staff encourage participation and improvement. Music is taught by an inspirational Kodaly specialist. 90+% of children have individual instrument lessons. Art and DT department produce impressive, high-quality work.

Pastoral Care

This is a family school where children thrive in an inclusive ‘high challenge/low threat’ atmosphere. Staff know all the children. At weekly staff meetings, any issues affecting children, however small, are discussed. Our boarders grow in confidence within our homely setting. Our leadership programme ensures that children `have a go’ and do not fear failure and our Independent Listener is available to help with any bumps in the road.

Recent Scholarships

40% of leavers over the past six years have gained scholarships or awards to their next school.

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

His philosophy is reflected in that of the school, i.e. you only have one childhood and it is to be cherished. It is vital to give children opportunities to succeed and not to underestimate what they can achieve, if given the right support and encouragement. 

Outstanding Characteristics

Dorset House is a traditional yet forward-thinking, high challenge/low threat environment with a palpable family ethos. Set in a stunning rural location, it offers plenty of opportunities for all pupils. Enthusiastic and committed staff. An excellent number of scholarships and awards to senior schools. Focus on preparation for senior school and life beyond. Ambitious for all children, while identifying and fostering each child’s strengths.

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