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Abberley Hall

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Abberley Hall

Abberley Hall

Address: Abberley Hall, Worcester, Worcestershire WR6 6DD
Founded: 1916
Number of Pupils: 155
Ages: 2-13
Fees: (All per term) Pre-prep: £3,190-£3,420 | Prep (day) £4,080-£6,790 | Prep (boarders) £8,525
Head Teacher: Mr Jonnie Besley
Religious Affiliation: Church of England
Entrance Procedure: Interviews and taster days
Contact: Victoria Heath, Registrar
Email: [email protected]
School Visits: Visits are encouraged and can be arranged all year round

The Curriculum

To encourage a lifelong joy of learning, we offer breadth and depth in our curriculum. We deliver an unusually high 29.5 hour week of teaching in years 5-8 with 13 subjects, including Latin.

Games & the Arts

Pupils enjoy a generous amount of time both in their timetable and free time, excelling at art, design and technology, drama and music. Sports are enjoyed five days a week. We have an undefeated swim squad (one and a half years) but also offer riding, fencing, climbing, ricochet and so much more.

Pastoral Care

At the heart of our pastoral care are the children. We offer a tutor system for the child to help with their work and commitments, but who also act as a contact for parents to liaise with the school. As well as this, the headmaster works hard to ensure that key meetings are held each week to discuss individuals and behaviour. The end result? We have happy children at Abberley!

Recent Scholarships

Over the last three years pupils have been awarded over 92 scholarships and exhibitions to over 16 different schools, including all-rounder scholarships, academic, art, sports, music and drama

Head Teacher’s Philosophy

A school should create an environment where children have opportunities to test themselves, to explore, to find what excites them and what they are good at. It should be an environment where they can get things wrong and learn that this is just another word for gaining experience, and they should know that they will be given help if they need it. Alongside that, a school needs a culture where it is normal to do all of these things and not the exception.

Outstanding Characteristics

A beautiful setting for a traditional prep boarding and day school, as well as a fantastic reputation for academic excellence. The breadth and depth of the curriculum allows pupils to explore and develop as individuals, while the idyllic setting allows them the freedom of childhood. Focusing on the individual to ensure that every child achieves their very best. Our children are creative, inquisitive, happy and fulfilled.

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