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Success Through Bilingualism

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Success Through Bilingualism

Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill, is the first choice for international families in London

With 100 per cent success in all exams and graduates admitted to the most prestigious universities in the world, Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill offers a perfect balance between academia and innovation. Its guiding philosophy places the needs of each child at the heart of the educational experience, welcoming every student into a dynamic and caring international community.

The school’s IB Diploma average grade is 35.8/45, well above the world average of 33.02/45. 88 per cent of its French Baccalaureat students passed with honours, including 43 per cent with highest honours.

The school received these messages:

  • ‘We were thrilled by our daughter’s excellent results in the IB! She has met her conditions for her first choice and we are so happy for her.’ (LIL parent).
  • ‘Thank you for your help throughout those two years for both my education and wellbeing!’ (LIL student).
  • ‘Excellent results for our first cohort! They have set the bar high! Our students can be proud of what they have accomplished!’ (LIL teacher).

Unlike local schools teaching in a single language that can tie students to a national curriculum and restrict their future options, Lycée Churchill’s programmes open educational avenues. The school’s secondary education and student wellbeing has been classified as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, Britain’s educational standards office.

Lycée Churchill is a co-educational independent non-selective bilingual school located on a leafy two-hectare campus in North London. The school has 850 students aged 3 to 18 and offers two bilingual programmes, both aiming to develop every child into a forward-thinking, principled, and joyful world citizen.

Language immersion begins at 3 years old. Classes are taught jointly by native speakers of French and English, both present at all times — like two parents in a multilingual household. This more natural and organic approach to bilingualism is carried out by highly-trained early learning specialists in a nurturing, family-like environment.

In the Primary section, instruction is half in English, half in French from Year 1/GSM to Year 6/CM2. Each class meets every day with French-speaking and English-speaking teachers, who coordinate as well with specialty teachers in subjects such as PE, language, and music.

In Secondary, families choose between the French bilingual programme or an English-oriented track. The only constant is that education remains bilingual until the age of 18, steeped in the supportive atmosphere for which the Lycée is known.

With students from 45 countries and teachers of 29 different nationalities, the Lycée offers an international environment where the cultural diversity of families encourages dialogue. Its modern teaching ethos combines traditional disciplines with initiative, exploration, critical thinking, teamwork, and personal development.

Lycée Churchill takes advantage of the latest educational technologies, which are integrated into teaching and everyday school life. This solid digital foundation proved to be a major asset during the pandemic, when the Lycée pivoted seamlessly to online learning. The school now offers distanced education programmes and virtual classes for students joining our French programme, a boon for families who are moving between assignments or looking for quality education from a remote location.

To book a private visit, write to [email protected] or visit the school’s website at to register for one of our next virtual open days.



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